coat: Zara | top: H&M | shoes: Tally Weijl
Those photos were taken yesterday and it was a pretty good day. Not sunny but just perfect for my taste. Though I don't judge the day by the weather but by the things that happen during the day. So I have this friend which is about one and a half hours away and I don't get to see her that much. This easily blushing friend is probably one of the most real people I have met (and that is so precious). We used to have a blog together that was called "Fashion & Art", I was writing the Art articles and she did the Fashion posts (I was not into fashion that much then). She has a talent on writing articles, I was always jealous (in a good way) of how she could make you feel things through the things she wrote. You could get to know her bright pretty self through those lines. Her name is Fay in Greek Φωτεινή which actually means "bright". I am writing all this because I made her write an article for my blog. I will post it with her name on it and I hope you guys will see many things from her in the future.

Stay awesome!



  1. love this outfit. i really want to try out some leather trousers! I love these because they aren't completely leather, just on the front! great look.