After the countless versions of Barbies you got when you were a kid and the times you enjoyed dressing those blonded (and brunetts) up, there comes a time when you get bored of just dressing up dolls and you start wanting to play dress up on you. Every girl has this dream since Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel started making quilted bags. The Chanel Dream as I call it and pretty sure many girls that cannot afford it (for now) have the same dream as me.
  Almost 51 years after the first bag was created and The bag is in every fashionista's closet. Either the classic black one with the golden CC on the front pocket or modernized versions of it. Chanel was tired to carry her handbags so after World War II the designer took inspiration from the soldiers' packs and incorporated an extended strap into her own carryall. 
  I know that many people might not believe that spending so much money on just one bag is worth it but If you are in my frame of mind you surely would not think twice about buying one (or maybe two and three). You know, like if you are a boy and you are reading this you would not consider twice spending money on those overpriced super cool shoes you want or on a car you always imagined driving. I know you get what I am saying here.
  The bitter part of this story is that my mother already owns a Chanel chain strap bag bought in Paris that is. If I want to carry it, yes sure she would give it to me. There is a sad part on this story though. She lost the bag when she was unpacking her stuff because she recently moved. I know, it is bitter but true!

Stay awesome!

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