was recently contacted by Farfetch.com to create a look in celebration of the opening of Yves Saint Laurent: Style is Eternal exhibition in The Bowes Museum of England. As seen on The Bowes Museum's site"The Bowes Museum and the Fondation Pierre Bergé - Yves Saint Laurent are collaborating to create Yves Saint Laurent: Style is eternal, which will be presenting a comprehensive display of the French fashion designer's work and life.". The exhibition had already had it's opening on the 11th of July and will last till October the 25th. The center of this look is the Le Smoking Tuxedo jacket and I had to create an outfit which is both 'timeless in style, and an outfit that you can re-intent and wear for eternity'. Challenge accepted!

 People are visual, so I wanted to present my outfit in a different way, rather than having the flat pictures in a white board. You can find the pieces in detail in the picture at the end of this post and all the links will be available for you to click-on bellow it. Right after receiving the invitation from Farfetch.com to participate in their competition, I was intrigued as to how such an amazing designer created such timeless pieces. I decided to first watch the movie "Yves Saint Laurent", which is an 'unauthorized' film of his life and work. The level of inspiration you get from this movie is indescribable. It sure does not show JUST the glam of being a fashion designer but the on-screen exhibition of his designs is just what you need to feed your inspiration for a long, long time. 

This is not a movie suggestion post so I am finally moving on to my outfit!

 I wanted to create an outfit with the perfect balance between androgynous and feminine. The tuxedo is a key characteristic of a well dressed man. Women can take this characteristic and create a sexy yet super chic outfit. Some details are just what is needed to take this to the other side. I decided to go with red pointed heels to bring out the 'sexy' side of this outfit. Also, rather that going with tailored trousers, I went with those leather, well-fitted ones, to fit today's description of modern. As for the accessorizing part, I tied a scarf around her neck and added a hat to add to her 'cool' vibe (I do like a cool vibe). Some rings and she is off to go!

7 & 8. SAINT LAURENT 'Monogram' ring in silver & rose gold


Thank you so much for reading!



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