our guess is right! It is a scarf. I have been seeing this scarf thing in my hometown (girls are doing it) for some time now and I decided to try it out to (with a little twist - of course!). To be honest, I have no idea if it's a top they bought or a scarf they cleverly tied to look like a top but my first instinct was to grab my scart one of the billion scarfs I own and try it out. I love all shades of blue as if it does not show but mostly I love vibrant colours, thus I chose this scarf to transform into a top. This is by no means a d.i.y as I did not achieve the perfect tie on the back dammit but it does look okay. My guess is I need a longer scarf for this d.i.y top.

 This skirt is the second gift I kindly received from DressLink,com. It is both well made and comfortable. The only con is that the material is a little bit see-through. By a "little bit" I mean it can be saved by wearing a nude undergarment. If you have a darker skin then chose accordingly. This skirt is part of a two piece but I did not like the way it looked on me so I decided to split them up. I will be showing you the top in another post. 

less hand-in-chin pictures in the future I promise!


Shirt Scarf (similar) | Skirt Dress Link (same ~part of a two piece) |
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Thank you so much for reading as always!



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  1. Oh wow this is so pretty!! Love the scarf and the skirt! I've always wanted to try the scarf top but none of my scarves seem to be the right weight or length.