have to admit that shooting this look on a white wall was not the smartest thing to do (good job Dora). I hope you can see what I am wearing and not be blinded by the white in the pictures! I learned my lesson but it was so dark outside these past few days because of the weather change (rain at last!) and I happened to be busy when the sun popped out to the fullest during the day so I could not re-shoot this look! I am sorry for the quality, I hope you understand!

 Is it too early to wear fur? It might bit a little tiny bit early but I am a person that has wore a leather jacket during Summer (hot, Greece) days so nothing can really stop me! They do say 'If you like it, wear it.', don't they? Or am I just comforting myself? Nevertheless, this faux fur jacket is going to be my favorite when the cold days arrive for good. I named it "The portable (faux fur) blanket" before it obviously is A fluffy blanket. Let us just pray that I don't fall asleep during class wearing this. SO comfy. The first thought was to pair it with a total black look because I just love a total black look but I was already wearing this white button down ( I change clothes up to 3 times a day - weirdo I know) so I decided to go with a total white look and add some darker accessories. I have been craving a tie-bow blouse for some time now and in this look I decided to create it myself because I am still on the search for one I like. It does not look as good as I wanted it to be but it will do for now! Lastly, I was feeling that this look was too soft so I added those classic Dr.Marten boots to add a rock vibe to it (gotta stay cool!).

Today's Outfit

Faux Fur Rosewholesale.com (same) | Shirt Zara (same) | Jeans Tally WeiJl (similar) | Scarf (love this) | Bag (love this) | Shoes Dr.Martens (same)

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  1. I love this outfit! *-* Amazing shirt dear and the bow is a classy touch!