he one thing I love about the fact that I grew up in a small town is how close people are -both in distance and in relationship with each other. Everyone knows everyone on the street and you can end up hanging out with friends in a coffee shop when you simply went out to go to the market to buy some rice (let's say rice). I love it and hate it at the same time, because let's face it; not every person is a pleasure to meet every single day.

   There are not that many clothing stores in my hometown and you can count in one hand the stores that sell pieces worth seeing. One of those clothing stores is owned by a friend of mine. She kindly lend me two pieces to wear for the shoot. This skirt I am wearing is from her store. Magda's store is named Escape (her store's facebook page) and her collection in one of a kind. I was so happy to find out that many of the brands she sells are designed and made in Greece! I had originally planned to shoot a pair of jeans from a Greek brand called Salt & Pepper but the only pair that was left was a size too big for me to wear! Chiara Ferragni was wearing the same in one (actually 3) of her Instagram posts (here)! Hurrah for Greece! If you are in Greece and happen to come by my hometown, Kiato, do pay a visit to this store! The address is Kleisthenous 23, Kiato Korinthias. Who knows, we might as well end up hanging out in a coffee shop nearby too!

"I am sure you have seen this thin-scarf trend a lot lately. I decided to tie my scarf on a choker here rather than tying it around my neck. I think it looks more chic this way which fits this outfit perfectly. "

Today's Outfit
Shirt (similar style) | Skirt MYMOO (similar) from Escape | Bag Migato (cute) | Shoes Public Desire (same)
Rings Stolen from my Mum (similar) & (here)  | Scarf (similar)

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