here do you wish to be right now? Like right at this moment? .......  If you answered New York then you are in my mind! Fashion Week has officially started and my media feed is completely filled with inspirational runway designs and street style around New York. If you are following the right people (fashion bloggers, editors, fashion icons, models) then you know exactly what I am talking about. But what are the best accounts to follow on Fashion Week to feel like you are actually there too? These are my top 5 picks! Get inspired cause it's the January of Fashion!

@ChiaraFerragni Do I need to say more? | @JoshuaWoods Photographer, well known for his Fashion Week shots | @Margaret_Zhang Photographer, blogger, stylist, writer / you will love her feed during non Fashion Week days too! | @EvaChen212 Former beauty editor at Teen Vogue and a stylish New York Mum! For non Fashion Week days: You will love her backseat snaps where she snaps her shoe and bag pick of the day along with her healthy snack (an apple). | @Kristina_Bazan If you don't know then consider researching more on fashion blogs! You will love her front-row pics and her street style snaps.


 Moving on to my outfit, I would get suited up once in a while and feel more of a girly boy than the other way around. There is something about androgynous outfits; they can be transformed from manly to feminine chic by adding some color on the lips. To take it a little bit further I decided to create more shape by adding a waist belt. When you are as petite as I am you do not attempt wearing 'boxy' clothes because the chance of looking like a moving box are pretty high! 

 This vintage blazer is one of my favorite pieces because it is my Grandmother's. Although she cannot remember me right now, she still is the most kindhearted person you will ever meet! She was never under-dressed and always so chic. I hold dear clothes that have some history behind (and the quality of vintage handmade clothing is not to be replaced) and having something to wear that was previously owed by one of my favorite people in this world means so much to me. To add some color I chose this silky blouse in this faded orange color to wear underneath. For accessorizing, I wore my usual every day earrings bought from Tally WeiJl and those too macho ChloĆ© looking boots that I have been loving lately!


Jacket Vintage (similar) | Earrings Tally WeiJl (love this) | Pants Madewell (same) | Boots Tally WeiJl (indulge) | Sunglasses Dressin (same) | Lipstick MAC Hi Jinks! Lip & Cheeks (same)

Thank you for reading!

*I have not forgotten the people who took my Q&A! You will see your answers live soon!




  1. Love your outfit and the black Reay suits your skin tone. Will be checking out the accounts ip there. Happy weekend!

  2. Great outfit girl, I just fell in love <3 <3
    Thanks so much for your comment!!!