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he tittle describes what Jeulia Jewelry is all about. Today I am collaborating with Jeulia Jewelry to present to you their magnificent collection of affordable engagement rings. As a hopeless romantic (I am always acting tough but I am too much of a romantic) I couldn't help but fall for the story behind this brand. 

Taken from their site:

"It was time when Jolie (now my wife) and I were still in college, we were classmates and our major direction was Fashion Jewelry Design. So you know what? Every Valentine’s Day since we became lovers, we would give each other a rubber or plastic ring designed by ourselves, although the gifts were cheap, yet they weighed over everything at the bottom of our hearts. It not only symbolized the pure and romantic love between us, but also carried our dream and passion. On Graduation Day, Jolie and I made a great determination, that was we would open a Jewelry store, and the day we realized the dream we would get married!..."

 Okay, now stop being jealous of their romance and start appreciating their lovely collection. 

"Affordable" and "Engagement rings" are hardly ever in the same sentence. With that in mind I did not have many hopes of finding anything worth seeing on their collection but I was proven totally wrong! Their engagement rings are both elegant and expensive looking. I have to admit I really want to gift myself one but I have no excuses (student life is kinda expensive!). For those who are looking for an elegant present to give to your girlfriend/wife/best friend as a 'thank you' for being in your life, then do so! You can engrave whatever you want the other person to always remember for an extra 20$. Your ring will be handmade just for you and shipped in a beautiful gift box and handbags.

Just to remind you guys and every one of my friends reading this. My uhm birthday is on March the 10th. No pressure! 

*DISCLAIMER: As mentioned above, this post is part of a collaboration with www.Jeulia.com for their collection of engagement rings. I get offered many paid collaboration posts but I am not accepting them all. I only accept to collaborate with companies I truly like and feel like YOU will like too. 

Thank you for reading!

Love & Kisses,



  1. Stunning rings! Thanks for sharing! ;)XOXO

  2. Stunning! It's so cool too, coz we all know how much pressure there is to get a fancy ring :)

    - Che


  3. You have got some amazing taste in jewellery! Love all of them :)