uuuch a busy week. Did I mention how busy I am this week? I am hella busy but oh well. I am sorry for the slow responses and it's going to be slow through this whole week too due to the fact that I am balancing College and my online program, which reacquires particular assignments to be completed! Blogging is practically my daily life and I absolutely adore everything I do and create here. It is like my baby and my friend at the same time, I get to nurture him and tell him all of my thoughts (oh the emotional side of this blog). If you feel the same way, please share in a comment bellow if you don't feel the same way that's fine, although normal is boring xo. Therefore I might have to slow down on blogging for a week BUT I will always come back this sounds more like a threat than a promise why.

  I feel like I should explain the thought behind this outfit, No, this is not a walk-of-shame outfit. If you have been reading my blog for long, you know I have this little, tiny obsession with male button down shirts (I am wearing one right now). This particular one is soo long (can as well be because I am 1,56cm) and I decided to make it a dress. This is the fun part of being a petite person! Everything can be made into a dress. I used to wear my boyfriend's long shirts (for him) as a knee dress. You put a belt to it and you are good to go! Back to the outfit, I am wearing a black pencil skirt underneath -you cannot risk it- and a faux fur vest which I wore backwards and buttoned it too to make it look like a sleeveless turtleneck. There is fur in my outfit today too, it's not by intention, it just happens somehow.

Shirt stolen from a male (similar) | Shoes Boohoo (same on sale!) , (love those) 
Vest Greek Brand (similar) | Bag No idea (similar)

Thank you for reading!



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