hat is a perfect love story? Everyone fantasizes about how love stories should be magical and perfect. Being a hopeless, hoooopeless romantic I am no different from that. I love love stories. Romance should be exciting and thrilling and as Carrie Bradshaw once said;

"I'm looking for love, real love, ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can't live without each other love"

 This is not everyone's cup of tea, I am aware of that, but this is how I want love to be so I am sticking to it! I cannot handle routine. I want the drama and the glam please don't leave me I am crazy but not the harmful kind promise.

 Now, if you are still reading this and don't find me cray cray (the cool way to say crazy obviously), I would looove to re-introduce to you the magic that Jeulia Jewelry is. If you follow me for long you might remember this brand from a while back where I did a collaboration with them (here). You want to express your love -and the cray cray love- to the people you love and love you back. I am against buying engagement rings with the price a house should cost. Expressing your love should not be something your bank account should suffer from! This is why I am a big fan of Jeulia jewelry. Their engagement ring collection (find more here) is magical and the first time I ever saw their ring designs I thought that they would most probably cost a fortune. Gladly that is not the case! You can find breathtaking designs with a price as low as 40$. With an additional 20$ you can engrave whatever text you want and make the perfect gift! 

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Which one is your favorite?
I am all for no.4

Thank you for reading!



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