I feel like I should start every single post with a 'happy' emoji because lately I have a constant smile on my face. I have never been as content as I feel right now and that is because I know I am in the path where my dream is. As cliché as it sounds, I am loving every second of it. My free time is pretty much non existent because I am taking fashion classes along with my online design classes and running my blog as well, but I cannot complain as I feel like classes are like an endless playground for me to explore.

 It is a tradition that every post on this blog should have a 'weirdo' sentence or paragraph to unleash this blogger's true colors so I have to admit that I want more. More time to work on designing and to  start new projects. Yes, indeed. No, I am not kidding. I feel like I am blessed and cursed at the same time. Blessed because I know that designing is my husband whom I love to death and cursed because I will most probably end up being a workaholic. Thinking this twice; if work is fun then -> work=free time. Right? Is this maybe the key to happiness? I will tell you in about 10 years.

Playsuit From Escape Kiato | Shoes Boohoo (here) | Jacket Vintage (similar) | Bag Escape Kiato (here)

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  1. Such a fun printed piece, and I love the heels with it. Glad you're so happy doing what you're doing.
    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style