irst day at my College today but I don't really know how it went because I am writing this the night before #BloggerProblems! I will let you know on my next post how my first day went (because you are dyyying to know). So eager to start that I get happy just by looking at my new semester planner being filled with college classes weirdo alert. I have another Fashion thingy going on starting this Thursday! This 'thingy' is a 3-month certification program created by Teen Vogue and the Parsons School of design. The program covers everything from visual style to media and production. I believe it would be a great experience and I don't mind the FULL schedule that awaits me at all!

 Moving on to my non-fashion related life, one thing you need to know about me to be able to know me better (this sentence is amazing really), is that I am a culture-lover. Culture-lover for me is someone who loves different cultures so if it means something else then do inform me and stop laughing! There is something magical about getting to know unfamiliar cultures and experiencing a totally different lifestyle from the one you are used to. The architecture, music, lifestyle, the food and everything involving a culture. I am working on 'taking in' different cultures by eating their cuisine (see what I did there? no?). My friends reading this would be screaming by now; "Korean food!" I am starting with Korean cuisine that was a big surprise from a k-drama lover huh. I found a Korean restaurant in the center of Athens, which is pretty close to my college, so I decided to make the owner rich sorry dad. I was out shopping (you don't say) on one of the most popular shopping streets in Greece, called Ermou Street and I saw this Korean restaurant. I was dying to try kimchi which is THE Korean side dish so I bought some take away. Noting that this is a side dish and if you cannot handle spice then this is a no no for you. The flavor is pretty strong, thank God my stomach is trained on handling spicy foods. Do you know any Korean foods I should try? Please let me know!

Jacket Second hand (love this) | Dress (similar) | Button shirt H&M | Clutch Greek brand (similar) | Cuffs collection | Shoes Jessica Simpson (similar) | Hat Greek brand 

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