never really plan what I am going to write on a blog post, except if it's a particular subject the post is focusing on. What I love about blogging (besides the free clothes) is that I get to express myself through both my style and also by writing. This is my diary and everything I write here is the exact same thing I would tell my friend if we were chatting on a coffee shop (or a noodle bar!). I hope you can feel the same way when you are reading this. The warm feeling you have when you are drinking a warm coffee and being in your favorite place, where you can totally be free and relax. This is how I want everyone visiting my blog to feel so take off your clothes and just like, relax

So I want to share some of my favorite things :

To watch: Just Kidding News  This is a show were beautiful people discuss strange or not news around the world. My description is the 2% of how wonderful this show is. The upload up to 3-4 videos a day. Just. Watch.

To listen: LYDIA - EYES, NOSE, LIPS This is an English cover of a Korean song by a Korean rapper called Tablo. I prefer the Korean version but the lyrics are perfect (they change a little in the English version) but I wanted you to be able to understand them.

To eat: Sweet potato noodles (Japchae) MOUTHWATERING

To buy: Contemplating whether I need so many sequins in my life (this dress). Christmas is just around the corner kinda.

Jacket D.I.Y (love this one) | Shirt Balmain X H&M (similar) | Shoes MissGuided (Similar) | Jeans Boohoo (same at 18$!) | Bag (love this one)

Thank you for reading!




  1. I just found your blog and love it a lot! :) your outfit looks amazing in these pics, the h&m balmain shirt is sooo suuper cool!
    Emma xx

  2. Sweet potato noodles sound amazing, and I really like that shirt on you!