t feels pretty f@@ good! This is a day I have been waiting for. I have previously wore clothes I made but never have I ever made a piece from scratch. Turns out I have an obsession with mermaid skirts (my designs unfold this one), so the opportunity came when I bought this stretchy fabric that turned out to be too stretchy for my college project thus I HAD to make use of it in a different way. I would have made the mermaid part longer but I was afraid it will make my legs seem even shorter. This fabric is so soft and comfortable that I am actually thinking of making a pair of sweatpants (yes, me sweatpants) and wearing them when at home. 

 You get a certain satisfaction from making something on your own. The feeling I get when I complete making a piece of clothing, is something I am starting to get addicted to. I cannot imagine the satisfaction I will get when I see someone wearing the clothes I design. THAT will be a dream coming true. I would love to hear your thoughts on my outfit. I made both the skirt and the shirt. 

 Lately, I have been so busy with college, designing and everything that has to be finished on a deadline. The past week was hard for me because I could not spend time blogging. This blog feels like a friend to me. I want to nurture and love it this sounds so weird. I have a confession to make;  During the last month, when my day got busier and busier, I had been commenting on certain blogs JUST to comment back on people that leave a comment on my blog. I swear that from now on I will NEVER do this again. I am sorry and so thankful that you spend time to read what I am writing. It does mean a lot to me. 

I am wearing: Skirt & Shirt I made, Coat Vintage (loving this one), Shoes Greek Brand (love those), Bag Sammy Dress (same), Watch Daniel Wellington Classy Sheffield 26mm (same)

Thank you for reading!
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  1. This is a beautiful skirt! You're very talented! :)

  2. Holy Crap those are so cute! I wish I was that talented.
    Diana | http://www.dianavilic.com/