admit. I have been completely unorganized this week, or maybe I made a pretty good program but did not stick to it. Thus the only thing that I want to do right now is whine with wine (see what I did there?). On the other hand I am the happiest person alive (well kinda) because I got to buy the striped button down shirt from the H&M X Balmain collection. For those who do not know, Balmain is my favorite brand. The fashion house opened in 1945 by Pierre Balmain. Pierre described the art of dressmaking as: 

"the architecture of movement."

and this is exactly how I feel about this art too. Getting to wear a piece that carries his name is like wearing art! I am aware that many of you do not see how fashion design is an art form and would't in a million years spend that much money on 'just clothes', I respect that. In my personal opinion; I am buying art. People spend money on a painting to hang on their wall and make their personal space prettier. That is fashion design clothing to me, an art form you can wear. 

 As for today's outfit, it is all about the layering. I wanted to  'break' the rule that does not allow petite people to wear baggy or boxy outfits. I can see why there would be an unfortunate sight if the layering does not have the right balance. To create a taller frame I wore heels (of course) and because this outfit was way too dark even for this blogger's dark dark heart I added a white lace top underneath this black, high collared vest. In the slight chance you have not noticed, I am obsessed with this type of hats. You can add a cool, or spooky vibe just with this smart accessory. 

A note: I am over the it's-fine-if-you-cannot-see hair and I am blaming the strong wind on the outcome of these photos.

Lace shirt Dresslink | Vest (was a coat but I made it a vest) (I love this one here) | Skirt Mum's Celectino skirt (not so similar but gorgeous) | Boots Asos (loving this pair) | Bag (cheap), (indulge) | Hat Ebay (love this color)

How was your week?
Happy Friday!

Thank you for reading!



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