feel like I should work more. I have almost zero time to do the things I want but I still feel happy and keep thinking;  'I want to do more'.  Kind of wishing I knew what this ''more'' is, because  I honestly have no idea. Being creative and productive are the very first words that pop on my mind. The fact that I am not exposed to such people is a same. Rather than 'not being exposed' I would say it is more like 'I don't have the time to be exposed to these type of people'. I swear if you could be able to hear my thoughts during day and night time you would end up in a psychiatric center painting with watercolors little ponies using your hair as a paint brush what?. I swear there is just one person out there knowing exactly what I am talking about, so If you are reading this then unexpectedly I am talking about you.

 This is how the post is going so I will end it here. As for the outfit, I love the combo of every pattern out there yes every pattern and most of all I like horizontal stripes paired with vertical stripes. In this particular one it happened to be the same color too. In certain days, I am happy with a two colored outfit but today I felt like this one was lacking so I had to add a tiny bit of color with this silk scarf. 

Wearing: Striped shirt H&M X Balmain Collection (similar % off!), Sweater Tally WeiJl (similar), Leather Skirt Tally WieJl (similar), Shoes New Look via ASOS (similar), Leather Jacket SheIn (same), Scarf Present (similar)

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  1. Haha I love the thoughts sometimes I think the same wish could do more creative stuff but how when and what are unanswered !!
    Love the look top to toe