used to be a rebel when I was younger. I was rebelling against pink. Yes, the color. Wanting to break the norm that every girl likes pink, I actually went as far as to say that I hate it. Blue on the other hand was not as girly and I accepted blue as my favorite color. Funny thing is that blue turned out to be my favorite color in the end. I appreciate pink and I would most definitely wear it as I am off the rebel stage and can actually admit that I love such a girly color. Have anyone had such weird stages in the past? Please let me know in the comments, I would love to know!! 

  Blue -especially on denim- is going to be a big trend next Autumn-Fall. You will be seeing many different shades of it on denim with navy shades being the most dominant ones. If you love every shade of blue like me then enjoy! You get a certain feeling of peace when you look at this color. At least, I do. 

  For this outfit, I wanted to be cool but not. Skinny jeans are going to remain in my everyday life, even if this seasons trends say no. Playing with shades of blue is most probably my favorite thing so today I am wearing a baby blue denim button down and a navy turtleneck let's at least follow one trend. My shoes remain pointy as I love too much pointy shoes -round shoes just don't click with me. God knows I love deals and these ankle boots were too cheap for me to resist not buying -even if I don't need a new pair but then who doesn't need a new pair of shoes? My bag is once again tied around my waist because I love how it looks and it is so much easier not to carry it! I believe everyone that has been reading my blog since Fall started, already knows my love for faux fur. Comfy and stylish in one piece of clothing -Yes please!

Today's Outfit: White Faux Fur jacket Rosewholesale (similar-great deal), Denim Shirt H&M (similar), Navy Turtleneck Zara (similar), Jeans ASOS (similar style), Boots Greek brand (similar), Hat Ebay (love this), Bag Old (same style) & (love this)

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