lured you in with this picture of a fashion design sketch. Bad news -for me- this is actually my professor drawing in this photograph! His hands can SURELY draw and we all love watching him demonstrate what we should do for homework yup I am supposed to recreate this sketch. I decided to make this Life Update post because I want to let you guys know my everyday life and of course to announce my Case APP giveaway winner!

The winner of the Case App is Alyssa Monique Bustillo from

I really hope you enjoy the case/laptop skin! Happy designing!

 As for the life updates part, I wanted to share with you why I am happy to NOT have time to sleep the past few months. For a start, I would like to express my sorrys (yes I wrote this deal with it) for not being well organized and not posting regularly the past two weeks. My schedule is insane and I treated myself  a whole weekend of just staying in bed and eating (mostly because I fell ill for not sleeping more than three hours a day). I have this belief that 'if you want something, then it is possible as long as you work for it'. Well, I am the living but not sleeping example for that. You will understand more bellow.

Design School
 Hell yeah! I feel like everyday is party time in college. Getting to do what you love and call it 'work' is the key to happiness (at least for me). I admit, it does take time and a whole lot of energy, but at the end of the day there is nothing but satisfaction left. 

Korean Lessons!
 Learn a new language on a full time schedule? Sure, why not? If you have been reading this blog, you probably already know that I love Korea. I recently started Korean lessons with a Korean student. He is doing his master's degree in history here in Athens, I am helping him with his final thesis and in exchange he is teaching me Korean. I am actually seriously thinking about working there once I am finished with my studies. I always knew I want to move somewhere abroad. There was always Asia on my mind, simply because I love the architecture, food of course and culture. Being born in a small town, I always felt like an outcast because of the way I perceived different cultures. The majority of people were xenophobic while I felt so overwhelmed by the rest of the world and the people that had totally different lifestyles than mine. 

 I swear I do not remember the last time I chilled with friends! So busy lately to even sit down and drink a cup of coffee with peace. I am treating myself to a bonus weekend in the exotic but not town of Kalamata! This is the place my best friend is studying and I am leaving for Kalamata today after my class ends to spend the weekend together! It is about two hours away from where I am living and the town is full of college students and awesome clubs. Wish me a wonderful time! I will be back next week with a full-time schedule!

Top left to right: 1. Christmas tree is up in the center of Athens. You are waiting for Christmas day like a 5 year-old too? 2. At The Mall where I spend half an hour each day after my classes end, waiting to get the train back home. Mostly drinking coffee, creeping on couples and ughm... shopping you knew it! 3. This happens when your classmates owns a pet ferret named Achilleas that loves kissing people on the cheek.

 I swear I am way happier than how I look here. I was probably thinking on what to eat in the 30 minute gap till the train arrives. KFC anyone?

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Thank you for reading!



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