y much needed weekend rest is over. Full time blogging/College/life is on and I am ready to get sick from not sleeping (naah just kidding, I actually love being busy with a sick kind of way). There is something liberating that comes when you work or maybe this is what workaholics say to explain their obsession with work. Either way, I feel totally refreshed and I believe it is time to bring fresh content into this blog. For that I would love, love to hear your suggestions on what you want to see on my blog. More city tour photos, DIYs, more of me wearing the clothes I made? Which post you enjoyed reading more on my blog (if you have been reading for some time now)? Please do leave your thought on a comment bellow! 

 How was my weekend? Sooo relaxing! I got to see my best friend and her crew/squad how cool people say 'friends'. I also got to eat way too much, drink ahem a lot and just chill. Sometimes 'just chilling' is all a person needs. I wish I took more photos but I forgot to do so! This is another way of saying I was having too much fun to do so! Here are some photos from Kalamata!

How was your weekend?

Thank you for reading!



  1. Very nice place. You can really feel that christmas is in the air.
    Xo, Christianne

  2. What a great experience and such gorgeous photos! Thanks for sharing.

    Wishes & Reality