olidays are officially over because tomorrow my college starts. I have never felt as peaceful and happy as I am now during this season. It was always kind of a feeling where you have to get your sh@# together and start working. There is nothing different in that, I still have a lot of work that is ahead of me but I do not care. I feel like I am in the most creative phase of my life and I want to make the most of it there is this threat called K-Dramas drugging me to watch them but I'll make it. Besides college, blogging is a part of my life since about one year ago. I have had this blog since August 2014 but I truly felt like I began posting things I was proud of around last October. Blogging helped me grow up a little bit more and learn who Dora is better. I am still learning and growing and I would love to have you, every one of you that has been reading my blog, with me to keep each-other company. I know this is too cheesy (the big ol' thank you) but this is how things should be at times - cheesy!

 So what the future holds for Bangs Bang? The idea is; Be real, post fun stuff and learn to love yourself so you can love others selflessly too. There is nothing more satisfying than people enjoying the content you create. I can promise good quality and content from now on. My goal for 2016 is to only post quality and well-thought posts. If it get rocky along the way (rocky as in busy) please bear with me and I will always be back -still cheesy, Jesus!

 Shirt ( similar style )
Leather Jacket
Faux Fur from Rosewholesale ( similar )
Shoes Greek brand ( love these )
Bag ( similar )

Photos by Zoe Ktena



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