I need inspiration! This should be the title. If I was rich and inspiration was something that could be bought, I would purchase tones of it. Is this maybe a dry period? Is there such a thing as a inspiration-dry period? I wonder... So where does FREE inspiration comes from? I would probably say people. Your friends? Love? Maybe from music? Song lyrics or from movies? I seem to be in some kind of phase I cannot get out of. I need help! Help in the mission of finding inspiration!

 Today was a busy day and this is something that is not in particular the best when you are down with the flu everyone is down with the flu to be exact. The weather here in Greece crazier than ever. Cold mornings and rain and before you know it the sun pops out and it's hot again. But then maybe this is the reason why I love Greece. I shot this outfit right before I took the train to go to my first class. This jacket/coat/faux-fur-on-the-bottom thing was an inspiration I got last night when I was cleaning out my closet. I have had this mustard jacket for too long and never wore it, so I had to do something about it. I love how mustard and pink go together. The colors blend in harmony. Also mustard will also be worn in accents next season too. I added a striped dress to break the colors and add some dimension.

Coat diy ( splurge or save )

Where do you find inspiration from?



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