ou ask for it and I deliver. I asked in one of my previous posts what would you like to see more of on Bangs Bang. To my surprise most of you said that you would like me to show you more of the clothes I make. Today it is all about satin. I swear I could wear satin head-to-toe if I could no it would not look weird, maybe the 'head' part. This satin skirt was first designed by me and then tadah tadah as in I made it, you got that right. k! The thing is it looks way easier than it is to translate your design in real life exactly the way you designed it -but maybe it is because I am still in my first year of fashion school. I designed this skirt with white and red satin but I fell in love with how this deep red and black satin looked together so I changed it a little bit. I was planning on wearing this skirt on New Years and did most of the sewing by hand because I was in my Step mother's home at the time. It got too much as I wanted to spend more time with my family and friends and decided to wear something else and sew it another time. 

 Today's outfit is all about soft and carefree. The feeling of satin reminds me of those emotions. I paired it with this gold, light sweater and gold earrings. Adding a hat to an outfit I feel like it changes the whole look. 

Shirt H&M ( similar )
Skirt I made ( satin skirt )
Belt ( similar )
Hat ASOS ( similar )



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