Normality is overrated.
 Missed my ''let-me-be-weird-for-a-paragraph' paragraph on my blog? If you have been reading my blog for long you will probably know that I used to add such a paragraph to let you know what a nut-head this blogger is (really wishing the word nut-head is slightly cuter than the way it sounds). Now by nut-head I simply! Being a little bit less ordinary and looking at everyday life on a different angle can really change your mood. Life is filled with the most annoying word that is known and that is the word "routine". Rather than hating this word, I was always scared of it. Scared because I would much rather live my life in danger than getting stuck in a everyday routine.

Today's post is about a very, very (like too much very) important post on how to NOT be normal. Let me explain further why the best option is to go a little bit insane. 

Dress Me Up (even if it's grocery shopping)

 Loving yourself on the inside is perfect but you should give some love on your appearance too. We are as ordinary as we let ourselves to be. Taking a little bit extra time every day to wear clothes that flatter all your best traits is something you own yourself. You feel like wearing a feather skirt just to buy groceries? Do so. Speaking from experience.

Be Kind

 Wait, what? You would probably say this is not something abnormal. Oh well, it is! I rarely find selfish acts of kindness. I am not talking about heroism here. No need to give a homeless person 200$ -well if you do, then that is perfect- but I am simply talking about being kind. Holding the door open for the person behind you or giving your seat to an elder or a pregnant lady are considered selfless acts too poll-dancing on the metro polls is my everyday habit now.

Interact With People

 I was never really open to talking to strangers. One because I was too shy and two because my voice is naturally way too low. I swear people struggle daily to hear what I am saying. Despise that I always feel comfortable interacting with people I don't know on the streets. As a fashion junkie, if I like what you are wearing, I will ask about it. I do not care if you look like you are about to kill a person, I have to know where you got what you are wearing. It is a selfless act too because it will make the other person smile when you tell them that you like what they are wearing. 

Speak UP!

 I am a little perplexed about this one, but having observed the people around me it is something that everyone finds abnormal. Speaking up when you feel wronged. You can do it? Honestly ask yourself. This may make me sound like a bad person bitch but I will let you know exactly what I mean. A couple of days ago on our way to college me and my friend stopped to take some coffee to-go. She asked for a hot coffee and I just bought something to eat. When we left and took a sip of the coffee she realized the instant coffee she paid was too watery and the person that made it simply did not know how to make coffee. I told her that she should go back (we were two feet away from the cafe) and ask for a new one. She said that she would rather not bother and threw the coffee away. This is not just one example. These incidents happen daily in my life with people around me that refuse to speak up! The person that was hired to make your coffee and not doing a proper job should be the one feeling the same in this situation. This is just a minor incident, but what would happen if something bad were to happen and you could not speak up there too? I would really like to hear your thoughts on this.

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  1. In my case I had to retrain myself to be "normal" after a long time on the "abnormal side". Still struggling with it. It's kind of refreshing I must say, being like everybody else :d