Where have you been Dora? Why have you been hiding in the shadows? I know, I know, you probably have those questions or I want you and everyone to say that you did and I am here to clear this out. The answer is quite embarrassing and not really. You see, my father went on a trip with the rest of my family -no, they do like me but I have classes to attend so I could not go with them- and he took my way too precious DSLR camera with him. I do own a second camera but the quality is not as good and I don't want to post anything less than perfect (in my opinion). I started writing this moodboard today because I want to share with you anything that can make you smile or inspire you in any way. 

My father will be back in 2 days and I will be posting my next outfit post this Sunday (sorry! exam week is upon me!).

 As a fashion design student, I am also learning about designers that were not as recognized as Chanel but they do deserve to be known. Elsa Schiaparelli is one of them. Let me tell you, Chanel furiously hated Schiaparelli because Coco was all about making comfortable and chic clothes. On the other hand crazy Elsa designed chic but fun clothes. She loved details, funny buttons and hats! She was an Italian fashion designer alongside Coco and her fashion house is still active today. 

So do you like Elsa as much as I do? Please let me know! 

See you on Sunday with a new outfit post!



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