I decided to write down the way fashion students feel when entering the joy of dressmaking and are exposed to way too many beautiful but expensive fabrics. The only hard thing fashion design students are facing in my opinion is not the job hunting period that comes when you graduate but the problems I am listing underneath! These are the struggles of being a fashion student on a budget! Hope you have a laugh!

Organic fabrics do not smell?? You never really noticed anything the past 20 years since you were born but now anything non-organic smells too bad for you to wear! No more cheap, synthetic fabrics!

Also, mulberry silk looks the same as synthetic silk but does it feel the same now Dora? It does not. JUST DOES NOT FEEL THE SAME (and do not forget that synthetic fabrics smell!).

Please be fitted. You were completely fine wearing a dress that might be a little loose on your shoulder or waist before watching that many Haute Couture shows where the clothes look like a second skin on the model. Now you despise the ill-fitted dress that might not even look bad on you and you would spend more money on a tailor to make your clothes as well-fitted as possible.

I want to wear the dress I designed. It is only natural to like the clothes you designed but this comes with a price. The first thing that comes to mind when I have to attend a formal event (a party or any event worth dressing up) is to design the perfect outfit for that particular event. Being a weirdo/perfectionist/stubborn person, I want and I will make what is on my mind and paper. You designed a chiffon dress when you have no idea how chiffon is sewed? No problem! We will figure it out! The model on your design is a long legged girl that looks amazing wearing the dress and you are 5ft 1'' tall? No problem Dora, we will figure it out!

More stories on the next episode of  "Fashion Struggles" 

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  1. I love those Stella wedges and your cute fur! :)

    - Che