ishing I was strolling around at Fashion week but here is good too. I found out that the more happy and content you are with your life, the less sleep you need. I love sleeping, I really do, but lately I find it needing it less than ever. Unless my eyes shut on their own by my lack of sleep, I refuse to lie down and sleep. So I decided to share two tips you already know but forget to actually do on how to only need the minimum amount of sleep daily. WARNING! If you love sleep more than anything do not read any further.

Where are my worries?

 I worry, I do it quite often, about silly little things like how to make a living in the future, how to finish 3-day-work in one day, where is this world heading to... Useless and meaningless things like those. I am sure you know worrying is not going to make any problem to be solved. How do you UN-worry Dora and her English ? When I feel like my head is about to explode from worrying too much I simply stop, take a long breath and listen to my favorite music. Take what I call a 10-minute-survive-break. Stop everything you do and relax by listening to some music. If things are pretty tough I suggest watching a movie or an episode from your favorite show. The most precious lesson I learned this past year is that everything falls into place at some point. My tip is easier said than done? Maybe you are right but you should always try.

Remember that you work to live and not the other way around.

 Even on the busiest days I will still find the time to do one thing I love daily. I love watching K-Dramas yeah yeah you probably know if you have been reading my blog for long enough so I will watch at least one episode at night before I lie down to sleep. You might love watching movies or dancing your arse such class off or even playing games. You know best how to make yourself relax. Remember to take care of yourself.

bonus tip I learned from a fellow blogger I do not remember the name of; When you take a bath run hot water on your shoulders and then on your back with your eyes closed (I suggest). While you are doing that tilt your head back and without putting any effort make your head a full circle (does this translate right? I hope it does), let gravity do the work. This will make your muscles relax even more.

Khaki Jumpsuit worn as skirt ( love this )
Shirt Sumisura ( loving this )
Bag ( love this & splurge )
Scarf on the bag ( loving this )

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  1. Loved the post dear!!
    PS : I am going to try the hot shower thing now��