uch a big relief! I finally have my beloved camera in my hands again. Family is back from their trip and they had a pretty amazing time -depending on the photos I saw they took! I usually post on Monday rather than Sunday BUT I could not wait any longer to saw you what I bought and what I....made! I made this dress and I am pretty happy with the outcome. It is the first dress (with sleeves) I ever made so be considerate! I would like it to be a little more tight at the bottom but I didn't have the time to change that before the shoot! I would love, love to hear your thoughts!

 Today's outfit is all about multitasking. I love playing with new shapes. Looking at how my dress was missing some volume I added this fringe skirt to add the movement and the volume that was much needed (at least depending on this fashion blogger)! Black is and will always be a fashion favorite color but I decided to break it a little bit with those white/grey faux snake leather shoes from Boohoo.com! If I have to be honest, I should admit that lace is not my all-time-favorite to work with or wear. This may be because it is a thin line between making it look chic and making it look cheap. I am pretty sure everyone reading this has seen clothes that make lace look the cheapest of all fabrics. As for the accessories, lately I swear by silver and black and the combination of both. 

How is your weekend so far? 
Tomorrow is the first day of my exam period! If I am late at getting back to you, then I apologize in advance!

Lace dress (I made)  ( similar style )
Fringe skirt ( similar & in white )
Shoes Bohoo.com ( love the print on these & these )
Cuffs Collected over the years ( similar & love this )



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