It is only logical to be able to walk in the jeans you are choosing to wear but unfortunately my mind does not count "comfortable" much when choosing clothes. These jeans are actually men's jeans if you did not guess it yet. The fit is not perfect but I love this baggy look. I love creating outfits with anything and not just clothes. Let me explain. In the past (past as in last year) I actually sew a rag into a sweater. The rag was furry and it looked like a fur sweater. The color was divine so once I saw it, I had to make it wearable. That's what I love about fashion; As long as it looks good you can turn anything into a wearable piece. That actually explains why I chose to study Fashion Design, right? 

  Those baggy jeans were perfect for a more fitted top. I made this satin bustier. I admit that it was not really the best idea to work with satin when you have no idea how to make a bustier. Yes, we are going to learn how to make a bustier next year in my College but impatient little Dora wanted to make one still. It is not perfect as you can see but I believe I ROCKED the back! 

  This trend -wearing a bustier or crop top on top of a shirt- was last year if I remember correctly. Still I always wanted to try it.

  What do you guys think? Do you like it and would you wear it or not? 



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  1. Dora, this is a very interesting idea. You look good in these jeans. I think men's clothes are probably designed to feel more comfortable than women's clothes. My boyfriend's sweatshirts are my favorite.