am back. I am back! I AM BACK! Hey loves, I so so so missed writing and editing and all the fun blogging can give you! Exam period is over and even though I would not go as far as to say that I nailed it, I did a pretty good job! Thank you for your wishes and sorry for not keeping up with your lovely blogs my dear blog-buddies! I am fully recharged and fully ready to spend sleepless nights until Summer (let's face it, blogging and full time college are not the easiest thing to do!). 

 In today's post I am trying Irresistible Me hair extensions. In the blog-sphere this brand is quite well-known and I always wanted to give them a try. Finally, I had the chance to do so and I am oh-so-very pleased with the results! Let me tell you more on how I chose the right color, weight and length!

 To chose the right color you should refer to this video and as for the length this pin will make it easier for you to decide for which length you want to go for. As for the weight, (100g, 140g, 200g) refers to the total weight of the hair you will order without the clips attached. The thickness of the hair is relative to both the weight and the length you choose: a 14 inch 200g  piece will look thicker than 24" 200g, so you have to keep in mind a balance. Usually for 14 inches 140 grams is a perfect balance.

 I went for the Silky Light Brown (#6) in 18" and 200gr all about the fullness! As a hair-extension virgin I had to watch a tutorial on how to blend my short hair with the extensions but the process is way easier than I thought! You can watch this video which helped me a lot. Keep in mind that these are real hair and  you can style them with heat too! 

(before & after photos)

*this post is a collaboration with Irresistible me but the thoughts are 100% my own



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