felt like playing a little bit with photoshop today rather than making me taller and slimmer like any other time (jk), what do you guys think? I love the feeling you get from looking at the sky, so I decided that a blurred sky behind the photos would do the trick. The feeling you get when you look at the sky; freedom, warmth (if it is sunny), like you can achieve everything you want to achieve. Do you ever feel this way? There are many things that I can do that give me energy. Certain people can fill you with energy just by smiling, if their vibe is positive. 

 Today was an amazing day as I got to spend it with many great friends -my classmates- and college is all that much more fun because everyone is in a great mood (most of the time, we are people after all!)
 I am wearing a pair of denim which I stole from a boy and chopped. The fit is almost perfect -for a baggy look- but I had to add a belt to prevent accidents (like the pants falling). Baggy always calls for a more feminine top -in my humble opinion- so I wanted to show my shoulders once again with this gorgeous lace-detailed top. Lately scarfs are growing on me, especially when tighten this way around the neck, looking more like a thick choker than a scarf. Heels were a must because the cut of the jeans is pretty low for a petite like me. Last but definitely not least, my Daniel Wellington watch in which you can still use the code: BANG to get a 15% off with any purchase from the site danielwellington.com!

Shirt Old (love this one)
Jeans from men's department (shorts)
Shoes Boohoo.com 


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