ummer for me is never really about the weather, it's all about how everyone you love gets to be in the same place, your hometown. The best thing about my hometown is probably the sea. There is a two minute walk from my home to the beach. I was never a fan of swimming but you can never get bored of walking by the beach. 
Today, I am collaborating with Daniel Wellington watches (for a third time!) and I chose this amazing NATO strap watch which reminds me of my hometown and the sea. I am deeply in love with the watch and have been wearing it to sleep too yes mum your daughter is weird what where the chances. You can get a 15% discount by using my code: ''BANG'' in any purchase on

 I am wearing a red leather skirt I found on sale a month ago. The words 'sale' and 'leather' is my favorite combination of words as you may have noticed. Leather adds a tough feeling to any outfit and I love it! I paired it with a white chiffon shirt and ankle boots. Ankle boots are a way to add a little bit of  'cool' in your outfit. As for the accessories, yes I did shorten the strap of my cross-body bag on purpose. It was a runway trend from the last FW and I really felt like trying it out. Would you guys wear your bag this way? Last but never least, I wore my favorite fedora hat which I always feel like it transforms the outfits into a more loose but still put-together look.




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