I have this thing called....well I don't really know what it is called but I can recognize every artist through their work. If I have seen their works before then I can easily see the unique characteristic in a piece of art that makes it pretty clear for me who the artist is. I could even recognize who his art teacher was based on the influence in his own work. This 'talent' has to do with everything art-related. You would think I have a great memory but I don't, I simply pay attention to things that excite me. The only thing I always had a struggle with was remembering people's faces. It got as bad that I used to like a guy from my college and I could hardly remember his face.  How did I ever like him you would wonder? Simply by his way of dressing. If you ask me even now I can hardly recall his face in my head -just a pair of blue eyes and blonde hair. 'Forgetting' faces was so disturbing to me and I really thought I might experience memory loss. I sat down and talked about that with my dad -confessing to him that his daughter has some kind brain damage- and he had the simplest answer.

'You just do not pay attention'  he said.

 What was I paying attention to, when I interacted with people? I can easily recall each and every piece of clothing everyone surrounding me daily wears -yeah even people that attend the same college as me than I have never even greeted before. I always pay attention to what people wear and how they put their personality in their style. After my realization today -on the train home from college to be exact- I patted myself in the head as I realized that I am on the right path. Being able to 'read' people thought the way they present themselves is something that will definitely come in handy in fashion design. I am an observant person, just not on your facial features! If you ever see me on the streets and I do not acknowledge you then call my name and point at your jacket, I will surely put two and two together and remember you! 

 If I ever spotted you with this midi skirt then I would definitely remember you afterwards. I love the high-waist and the adjustable buttons. White has grown on me lately quite a lot. I prefer mixing white with navy pieces. Here I added a nude trench coat and it blend nicely with the colors of this outfit.

 Do you think white can actually be the new black this Summer? I would love to hear your comments on this one!

"You get to take your favorite piece of art daily with you; this is what fashion is!"

Top I made it
Skirt Vintage
Trench coat ( similar here )
Shoes Adidas Superstar
Watch Daniel Wellington Classic Canterbury 36mm


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