his post is always personal, for every one of you. I bet you know your mum better than anyone and you already have in mind that she will be pleased with a mere smile for a gift on that day. I know my mum will. My mum and I are mostly connected via phone because we don't live in the same house anymore and at times I wonder if she know just how much she means to me. Sure, you know she loves you to death and vise versa but bringing a smile to your beloveds face just by saying a mere "I miss you mum" or "I love you" is too small of a price to pay (not even a price)

 I decided to pick gifts that would remind your mother just how special she really is. (scroll down to find the links)

Another gift for your mum would be a gift card! 

An afternoon reserved with a massage appointment, a pedicure & manicure. Another great gift would be a monthly subscription to the gym or to learn how to dance! I would most definitely pick tango for my mum!

I would love to hear your gift ideas!

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