his is the time of the year where cold and warm weather changes like we fashion gals change shoes. The irony is that when you decide to dress warmly in the morning the chances are it will get way too hot during the day and the if you dress lightly the weather will most probably decide to get cold. The reason for this can be explained by the scientific theory of "the world is messing with you". Which is exactly what happened today and Dora waking up on the wrong side of the bed. I was wearing a leather jacket -with jeans, for college- because it was slightly cold around 9am. Around 11 the weather decided to party like it's Summer time and little Dora regretted the decision of wearing a top with an open back (mind you I was wearing a leather jacket so it did not show when I was in college) and I could not take my jacket off and pretend I was back- sun bathing on choice. Enough with my sad morning story, the rest of the day was excellent! Excellent is this playsuit too! I just love wearing playsuits, they always look so effortlessly chic. This one from a Greek online store Miss Pinky is so chic and the material is like second skin. I am in love with the long straps you can tie around in multiple ways. I wore it at night previously and tied it around my neck to make it look like a thin scarf, it looked amazing.

I decided to tie it on an 'X' in my back and around my waist making a bow. I threw on a leather jacket to make it a bit more rock and a bit more 'me'. 

I tried on a silk scarf and liked the way it looked. What do you guys think?

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Playsuit from Miss Pinky
Leather Jacket from Celestino

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