on't you ever dream of sleeping on satin sheets -if you are not already- while you dream about swimming in a pool full of chocolate when the Summer sun is hitting your face? I know I do do not judge. Designers like Alexander Wang, Dolce & Gabbana and Gucci made our dreams come true. This years hot trend is all about reminding you every time of the day what your favorite place in the whole world is. That being.. your bed! 

Now lose the slippers and get some high heels..

 I am aware that might be a little bit too much for many of you. It is such an exciting but terrifying idea to walk around in a pajama looking outfit. Even Alexander Wang's cool gang could not get me out of my comfort zone when he promised that a negligee looked cool with a bomber jacket on his S/S 2016 fashion show. Well, you see, he was totally right. This is why I was so surprised that I quite liked the outfit today. You should take my word on this one; the outfit is so extremely comfortable.

Would you guys wear a pajama inspired outfit?

Flared Jumpsuit ( loving these flared pants )


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