here is this irony that has been following me since I remember myself being able to comb my hair by myself and surviving my mother's obsession with headbands with big bows (that she still swears look goon on me). This irony is the fact that anytime I would spend time braiding, straightening, curling and styling my hair in general to go to school or just to hang out with people, they would hardly notice it. On the other hand when I would wake up ten minutes before I leave for school and have no time to make my hair presentable or just don't feel like styling my hair people would then act as if I just left a hair salon and shower me with compliments. Is it just me or is this proven by a research that states people will always look better with bed hair?  

This is the result of this post. This hairstyle takes about 5-8 minutes to do. Whenever I have no time to style my hair or I want to hit the gym (saying the phrase 'hit the gym' makes me feel fit as a wrestler) I style my hair this way. It is also the best hair style once I chopped my hair into a bob and had to somewhat get the hair in place when I went to the gym.  
I wanted to add this as a 'before' photo but for some reason my hair look longer than they actually are. In real life my hair is reaching my shoulders.
Here are the steps:

                                                                     1. Start with dividing your hair in two (preferably in the middle) and secure one side with an elastic hair band.

2. Start with one side first and take a section of hair from the top and divide that section into tree equal sections. Start a french braid that ends on the bottom of your head like in the picture. A french braid is when you braid your hair you add strands of hair as you keep braiding (see this video here in case you don't know how to do one). Once you finish the first half, repeat on the other side and secure in place on the bottom with an elastic hair band. 
3. To make a small bun if you have short hair, tease the hair in the low pony tale you created.
4. Spray the teased hair. This is my favorite hairspray from Pantene.
 5. Secure your bun with some bobby pins.
6. I like having lose strands in the front so I take some out of the braid and curl with an iron. Hairspray those too.


This is my very first ever hair tutorial! Do you guys like it and should I do more?

Let me know!



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