id I mention I will be traveling to Paris? No? Well that might be because I will be flying early next year but still how utterly exciting is that? Expect to see some travel-related posts for the next months. Something essential this countdown series to my Paris trip (insert over excited emoji that will probably kiss the floor once she lands in Paris here) is the skin routine. Flying is not good for our skin, that much I know from my previous flights around Europe. No matter how fresh and radiant your skin is before you set off, by the time you land it will be dry and irritated. Airplane air-conditioning systems are notoriously bad for our skin, but if you follow these tips and pack the right products in your carry-on case from, you can arrive looking as fresh as ever. 

Before You Fly

The trick to keeping your skin in good condition despite the ravages of airline travel is to start early. If you look after your skin well, it should be hydrated and well moisturized already, but try applying a nourishing face-mask the night before you fly. No need for an expensive purchase! Read this article on how to make your own homemade face masks and scrubs
 Natural ingredients work best, so look for products containing coconut oil, jojoba oil, honey and aloe. These will feed your skin and get you off to a good start.
 The morning of your trip, cleanse your skin gently with a natural cleanser. This will remove oils and impurities. Next, moisturize your skin with a skin cream containing natural anti-oxidants. This will protect you from UV light. As much as I love the sun, there is really nothing worse than being exposed to it. Read a life changing article about the damages of UVA and UVB rays. 

Skincare during the Flight

 It can be tempting to take advantage of free alcohol on board a scheduled flight, but this is a big mistake. The more alcohol you drink, the more dehydrated you will become, which has a knock-on effect on your skin. One glass of wine with your dinner won’t kill you, but it is better to stick to water where possible. Keep a bottle of water in handy and sip it regularly. Caffeine is also a no-no -poor coffee addicts like myself-  as this, like alcohol, has a dehydrating effect. 
 You could try applying a soothing face mask if you are lucky enough to be sitting in First Class with your own private cubicle, but this is not recommended in Economy Class – unless you are feeling brave then do go for it!
 As much as I love traveling I dread the times where the airplane hits an air pocket so as soon as the plane sets off, I am off to sleep too! Also sleep is the best remedy for skincare. Sleep as much as you can on a long haul flight. The more sleep you get, the better your skin will look when you finally arrive at your destination. Take a sleep mask and some ear plugs if you find it hard to sleep on board.

If you follow these tips, I am pretty sure you will arrive feeling refreshed and ready to enjoy your trip!

I would love to hear your tips/secrets on how to have a perfect flight!


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