Who do you dress for? 

 I was recently asked this question and although I always look at my best for myself, I felt like I should start a discussion with this topic. I believe in the 'dress to impress' mentality but on certain occasions (aka ex-boyfriend is going to be in the same party as you, let's give him a hint of what he lost). On your daily life who is there to impress if not yourself? Study shows that looking good actually makes you happier. *putting the shaggy all-too-worn pajama pants on the side* Even when you are alone, being presentable will make you feel more powerful and ready to work. Plus you have to admit that you have one -or maybe more than one- mirrors/reflections around the house that you always look at when you are passing by. You wouldn't want to look like someone who would belong to a children's nightmare now, would you? 
 My blog is about fashion and clothes but I am also talking about you- yes YOU. You there wearing your favorite lipstick even when all your outside work for today is to throw the garbage away or buy groceries. If it makes you feel good then the only person you are trying to impress is yourself! 

I would love to hear your thoughts!

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