am a city lover -wait should I say wasWe went to Crete for just two days because of my first cousin's graduation ceremony! I knew Crete was a beautiful island and was always on my list to visit -I still want to go back and explore more- but I would have never imagined that I would love the island in just two days. I am not a writer so I cannot fully explain how the place makes you feel! It is the vibe you get from the locals, the architecture and all the views of the city! I found out it was nothing like the rest of Greece. Crete is a country of it's own. Their people are so welcoming and would give you the world if you are nice enough! No, not even joking here. We stayed for free in my cousin's previous home (where she moved out of 1 year ago) because the landlord was a great person. 

We went by boat around around 10:00pm in the evening (this is a photo of us boarding). This of course meant that we would be spending the night on a boat because it is an 6-hour ride to Crete. If you know me or read my previous post -which I wrote while being on the boat- you know I am scared of the deep sea. My 11-year-old cousin was comforting me! Anyone on the same boat here (see what I did there?) ?

Me (or a person doing some weird kind of happy face) and my big brother. Do we look alike? (NOTE: The correct answer is no). Come on, no matter how old you are you don't want to be told you look like your siblings!

We spend some time at the pool bar, the pool was closed so we could not swim on top of the sea (dammit).

We decided to eat around 9:30pm. I am not going to lie; the food was hideous! The rest of the boat was beautiful and pretty clean which I loved.

Once it got dark outside, I decided to open up my laptop and write my post. I had a mission; I wanted to finish up and sleep so I could wake up around 6:20am -where Google informed me the sun was going to rise- and watch it up on the deck.

Did it! Next up we arrived at Crete and went straight home to sleep for an a couple of hours and the go on exploring Crete!

First stop; Spinalonga. Which is located in the Gulf of Elounda in north-eastern Crete, in Lasithi, next to the town of Plaka. We spend 6 euros for the boat ride and I got a free pass because I am a student.

Spinalonga was not an island – it was part of the island of Crete. During Venetian occupation the island was carved out of the coast for defence purposes and a fort was built there. The island is well known for being used as a leper colony. You might have heard of it because it has appeared in novels, movies and most recently television series. An amazing novel you should read about it is The Island by Victoria Hislop.

Me and my cousin Eugenia. She is an amazing photographer (and look at those long legs, this girl is gonna be 6 feet tall) and she put up with being my blog photographer for the trip! Many photos seen here are taken by her! #bloodisthickerthanwater

When we went back from Spinalonga we ate and drunk raki on Plaka square. Look at those cute shops!! NOTE: If you visit Crete you will be drinking raki everywhere! 

Next we went by car all the way to Sougias and ate our first Cretan meal on a beach restaurant. The beach is known for being a nudists beach so beware or be free! 

We went home to change and went out to eat with my cousin, friends and family! The food was amazing and the place was full of people because Heraklion is a town full of students. 

Next day was the graduation day! We went on a hotel pool for a swim in the morning.

Another note: Do not wear those types of shoes I am wearing. I am surprised I have not broken a leg yet!

The graduation!

The four first cousins photo together after 18 years. This is such a rare photo! We grew up together.

After the graduation we went in town to eat! We went on a restaurant called Peskesi (Kidonias 15, Iraklio 712 02) -which means "gift"- and you will not find anything that was not made in Crete.

This is were you are so hungry that you put your camera down and forget to take pictures of the food and place #bloggerfail. But I did took one food photo that I HAD to share with you guys. See bellow!!

Hungry yet? 

We later went out on a club with my cousins and her friends. The camera was at home resting where it should be!

I am visiting Crete again to explore more in the future! It is on my bucket list!
I am sorry for the looong and personal post but I could not NOT include everything I did!

Have you ever been to Crete before? Does it have the same effect to everyone?



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