ecently I have so much free time I am pretty sure I have read/watched every click-bait article and You Tube video out there. One thing I noticed when searching for yet another video to watch so time can move a little bit faster -I swear I am the workaholic type- is that I love watching Q&As and getting to know people. I decided to give it a chance and ask my readers if they would be interested in a Q&A video. What do you guys think? I am not the most interesting person and my video editing skills are still untested but I want to test them.
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 If you want to hear my funny Greek accent and get to know me better, leave your question bellow!

Now let's talk...button downs. I have made my male button down obsession pretty well know in this blog. Being this obsessed with male button downs, (yeah does not sound right) I am lucky enough to be living in the same house with two males.

No, do not get excited. I am referring to my father and big brother.

I own many button downs myself -bought from the female section- but I always find myself reaching out to their closet to play dress up. 

Why not steal from my boyfriend you ask? Well I do not have one. *cries in a corner*

For this outfit, I chose to play with basic pieces. This pair of jeans was an old pair I found no use of so I sew some patches to make it a bit hip. Find a similar style here & steal . Tucking in my shirts is a must for petite girls like me. This way you look way taller and here I chose to tuck only the one side to give this outfit a more relaxed vibe. Find my shoes here. My earrings are from my collection so I do not remember where or when I bought each but I recently found a lovely online store and where you can find amazing, chic earrings like the ones I am wearing. The store is called H.Samuel(not sponsored!)

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  1. Ειναι πολυ καλη ιδεα το Q&A και γενικα να ανεβαζεις βιντεακια στο blog σου οπως GRWM,OOTD θα ηταν υπεροχο και θα σε βοηθουσε.Οι ερωτησεις μου ειναι οι εξης:Ποιοι ειναι οι στοχοι σου ως fashion/beauty blogger και θεωρεις οτι εισαι cute ή sexy?

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  3. Hello Dora these pics look great and also love the content - lucky you to have tons of Freetime :) Have a lovely week.

    PS: Thank you for your visit and kind comment on my space. Kiss

  4. Very sexy and sensual.

    ♘ ♘