ho does not love the '80s? Well I did not get to live in the '80s but it is definitely one of my favorite decades for fashion. Where to start? Uhm...Madonna? Like a virgin with her punk style and oh-so-much lace? Maybe RnB in the States with gold chains and amazing music? If I could choose I would probably be in the streets caring my boombox and listening to music. 

What is your favorite decade in fashion? 

As a project for my styling class in college we had to style a '80s themed photo-shoot. I was happy to team up with my best friend from the same college and we created two looks from the decade. We chose Madonna -inspired by the MV "Like A Virgin"- and the second one was inspired by the hip hop culture of the U.S. We went hunting for clothes and accessories all around Athens and what we could not find, we made ourselves (fashion design student's life). Generally you have different people for different jobs when you are preparing for a photo-shoot but college life ain't paying for models or extra hands (in the '80s hip hop there is only "ain't). As models we used two friends that turned out to be amazing and the results were incredible (given the time and money we had). I am not sure if I am allowed to show you the pictures but I will add one of each theme because I would love, love to know if you like them! We had three photographers each with a different concept. These shots bellow are from our female photographer Alkistis Fasfali and our models are Nickolas Gazis and Anastasia Gelezidou.

The denim jacket was plain but we added some pins and a Public Enemy stamp on the back. Nicholas is wearing it for the hip hop themed photo-shoot above. 
I then later stole it and made it my own. 
disclaimer: I actually owned the jacket

Anastasia is wearing a top/coned bra I made the night before the shoot. We had something else in mind but it didn't work so we stayed all night making the top. Madonna is extreme but we would not want our model to go topless!

This '80s inspired outfit is a bit of the eighties era blend in with modern. I wore a baggy pair of jeans with a chain belt, a sleeveless denim button down and lace up heels. Denim era is a decade later but I loved how the different shades of denim blended together. Lace up heels were surely not a thing in the eighties but I made them work in this outfit. I love tough looks but a feminine touch is always welcome!


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