love Summer, I really do. I wanted to start this blog post nugging about how I miss college and being super busy with work -the good busy. But here I am having free time to actually make all those projects I design on paper to life -cannot complain about that. If you know me, you probably know how much I love leather. My obsession with leather is surreal. When I add a leather piece to my outfit I instantly feel better and more put-together. I own way too many leather pieces that if you actually lay them down you can reach Asia (if you live far away from Asia that is where is this post going really?). Note: the leather pieces I own are faux leather! Where were we? Oh right the skirt! I made this skirt from two very thick leather fabrics -not a clever idea- and although my sewing skills lack a bit at the moment I love the way it turned out. I was not planning on doing a bicolor skirt but I did not have enough fabric and I had to combine the two to make a skirt. To make the skirt a bit more interesting I started cutting to make it uneven. 

The weather was amazing today -too hot for a leather skirt but I wanted to show you the outfit! I wanted to focus on the skirt so I wore a plain button down. The thin scarf trend is one of my favorite trends at the moment so I added one around my neck (I am pretty sure this is a tie from a robe I have but hey it works!). Accessorizing is the icing on the cake but I refused to do it when it was that hot! I wore my nato stripe Daniel Wellington watch and a Heart Tag Charm Bracelet chain.

Bicolor / Patchwork skirts


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