issed me? I suppose there are like cheers and people shouting 'yeaaaah!' in the background! *insert picture of Dora in a strait jacket being taken away*. Jokes aside. I think -or wish- I did mention it in my latest post that my exam period was coming so I would most probably be absent for a while. If I did not then I am terribly sorry! What an amazing way to start the comeback/1st day of the month/ 200 followers celebration with a guest post? This is my second guest post with another blogger and I am really happy to do such a post which makes me wonder why I have not bee doing this more frequently. Today me and the cutie Sophie from are presenting you two ways to wear a high waist skirt. If you know me, you know I love everything high waist-ed for the simple fact that I am petite thus anything with high waist makes your short legs look longer. I wore my button down white skirt with an strapless stripped top and a pair of Stella McCartney look-a-likes platforms. I could not purchase the originals so I searched for a pair that looks almost identical. I feel like I should point out that I do not like when retailers copy designs but I was so in love with those shoes and I just needed them (if you are a shoe lover you can get the 'just needed them' part quite well). I accessorized my look lightly with a pair of silver hoop earrings and a silver cuff.

 Sophie wore her high waist skirt with a crop top and sandals to give a Summer-y and relaxed look. I love that she added earring and this bag with a print to make her outfit stand out and more personal. Her blog is so fun to read and her outfit posts -even the casual ones- have a dose of chic and always look put-together! Check out her part of our collaboration post here. Follow her on Instagram at @sophie_atieno and bloglovin.



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