feel like I have been flashing my girls way too much lately. I will blame the hot weather -I mean I would honestly not be wearing ANY clothes if it was appropriate! The weather is too hot to spend it outside of the comfort on your air-conditioned home and if you do leave your house, it better be somewhere near the sea/pool. What is the weather in your country?

I am writing in the comfort of my seat on a boat going to Crete. Crete is Greece's largest island in case you did not know! Funny thing is my last name is actually pretty common in Crete because of the way it ends (Toubanaki) but this is my first time visiting! The only con is that I hate the deep sea! I am really scared that my eleven year old cousin felt the need to comfort me!  *insert emoticon with x's as eyes here*
I will be sharing more pictures from Crete on Instagram (follow here) and will make a full post once I am back! 

Let's talk about this playsuit now, shall we?. If you like it then you will definitely love the price! Only 11 euros -how awesomely awesome is that? Due to capital control in my country I cannot purchase anything online. I only have a balance of 50 to 70 euros depending on how much I got paid for an article through Pay Pal so I am trying to play smart. I usually end up on Boohoo.com which has an amazing sale collection (find here) and I can guarantee about the quality! I have purchased way too many times from them and every time the products -even those on sale- are in perfect condition! Just to clarify; I am not getting paid to write this and I want you to believe me when I say I would not lie even if this post was a collaboration.

 I accessorized lightly with a choker I made and my Daniel Wellington Classy Sheffield 26mm watch in rose gold.



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