here are two kinds of people in this world; The ones that love a good ol' classic pair of sunnies and those that view the sunglasses as an accessory too (I am on the second type if you have not guessed already)! I think that sunglasses are an essential for your daily life because as much as the we love the sun it can also be harmful if you do not take the right precautions. On that note let me bring a major NO-NO to discussion; never, never wear fake sunnies  for too long when you are out in the sun. You can always wear it to take pictures or accessorize them in your hair but it can be more harmful to your eyes than going with no sunglasses at all!

Today's CLASSIC or GLAM list is a collaboration with the online shop Sunglasses Maniac. According to the site: 
"At Sunglasses Maniac you will find the largest collection of sunglasses brands. Free shipping on all orders. High-quality customer support services. Official distributors of the main sunglasses manufacturers in Europe."

Cat Eyes/Classics

5. Gucci 
6. Gucci
8. Gucci
9. Prada
10. Chloe 
11. Prada
12. Gucci

In Sunglasses Maniac you will be able to feed your classic and your full-on-glam self! So which one (ones) would you chose? Are you a minimal/classic kind of girl or a diva that loves to shine bright like a diamond? Or maybe you turned into one after this post? I know the feels! 

Write your favorite bellow!
*mine is no.10!


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