ow do you start a blog post? I am always thinking about what to write on a post besides the details about my outfit. When you are a fashion blogger, what is the topic to pick? I love reading about how your day went or a funny incident that happened that day but my days lately are pretty daaarn boring. I have news though! I am preparing my video right at this moment. I stood in front of a camera and started answering your questions. It was so much easier than I thought it would be. When I finally started watching the footage, I noticed that I do way too many hand gestures and I keep on saying this 'aaah' and 'yeah' thing. I will blame it on being camera shy! Have you ever rerecorded a YouTube video and how was the first time you saw yourself while editing? I would love to see your videos so please link your channel bellow!!

My outfit today is this gorgeous pleated playsuit. I cannot start on how comfortable it really is! Playsuits were created by the hand of God I am pretty sure about that! I added a leather touch, which is a leather skirt I wore as a bustier to make this outfit a bit more interesting. 

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