et's have a little talk today. By a little talk I mean me laying my thoughts for you to read. One of the reasons I love having a blog is that I get to converse with you and get opinions and thoughts. I feel like I have a group of people that will never judge me -and I will never judge them too- when I need to lay my thoughts and worries like today. My topic today is the future. Pretty impressive huh? We all have been -or still are- in the place where we think how the future is going to be and what the hell to do to have the future you want to have? Should you just keep on working hard and have all successful people reached success only by working? Were they lucky and did they cheat to reach their goals? 

I am sure you once have had the same thoughts I am having right now...

I have way too much free time and I think it is not helping. I keep on changing my way of thinking from super positive to 'I would rather stay in bed'. It is just a phase I know!

As for the outfit, I chose to wear this lace bodysuit. I feel like it is both romantic and a little bit sexy at the same time. 

*I had a Q&A on my latest post and someone asked me if I feel sexy or cute (I will be doing a Q&A video soon to answer all your questions). I will be answering this question now. I feel...both! My outfits might show skin at times but it is simply because I think every body is beautiful. Both genders are equally beautiful. I am not a feminist, I do not put titles on myself. God created us and I believe what God created is magical and sacred and there is no need to be ashamed of it. I am not saying I will be roaming naked on the streets, I simply say that we should embrace ourselves and feel in complete harmony with our bodies. 

Back to the outfit. I did an Ode To Denim Skirts on my latest post and an idea occurred! I had an old pair of jeans I loved but it had a big hole in the back (yeah, not classy at all). I had it in my closet because as a fashion design student it is hard to throw away clothes. Plus it came in handy. I made this skirt out of it! It is not the most well made piece I ever made but I love it! I paired it with a satin black robe and a chain belt. 

Shop the look

Thank you for all your questions on my previous post! I will be answering with a video soon <3



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