If you watched my Q&A video in my previous post, you know where my title came from (if you had not guessed it already that is!). I have great news! I got my first job ever! Yep, I am 21 and have never worked one hour in my life before -minus the blogging part- I am ashamed of myself too! I expressed this concern/shame to people around me and they find it pretty normal, living off of my parents money which makes me wonder how the hell did I grew up in this country with this head of mine? I strongly believe I am an alien at times! I am working in a factory, doing all kinds of jobs around there. Nothing hard really just a little mechanical and boring. Why not a more interesting job you would ask? Well, I am living in Greece and at the moment it is pretty damn hard to find a job in the field you want -all the harder if you are a student- plus the money is great! I love it there though or should I say I love the people there? 

What age did you get your first job? Please let me know!!

I am getting really into make up lately. Wait, let me rephrase; make up and Photoshop combined. I am not a make up expert and my collection is pretty disappointing. I use an old big palette I stole from my mum -shame on me. I am not willing to spend much on make up to be honest!  #cheapskate
This is why I combined make up and Photoshop. I used Photoshop to add the pigment my eye shadow did not have.......and to remove some pimples. Be honest!! You have done it too!

I found out yellow eye shadow looks good on me. What do you think? 

As for the outfit it is a collaboration with Sammydress.com. I got this top and I quite love it. The material is good and I was surprised that there is lining inside the top -for the price this is pretty amazing! The denim skirt is a piece I made from a pair of jeans from Boohoo.com. I wore it on a previous post here. My ankle boots are from New Look which I bought on Asos. Last but definitely not least, the sunnies from ZeroUV. I am OBSESSED! I love the vibe, don't you? Buy them here.

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