You will be seeing lots of my balcony until the end of the month. I decided to keep on posting outfits even when I am super busy but the thing is I have not time so I have got to shoot them in my balcony. Good thing it is still sunny everyday in Greece so the lighting is just perfect!

I am currently job hunting in Athens. I found many full-time jobs and none part-time ones. I need a part time job to fit my college schedule! Wish me luck!

 Also this Saturday I went to my first Korean class of this semester. I took some classes before Summer with a Korean teacher but our timing was so off so we could't find shared free time so we canceled the teaching all together! There are about 200 Koreans in Greece so it's so hard to find teachers. He recommended I take weekly Korean classes that are by the Korean embassy so I enrolled with a friend of mine! So super excited to finally take classes rather than learning on my own. I can read and understand a lot of Korean but work and college were on the way to do a better job at focusing on just Korean. Now that I have scheduled a certain time each week to study gives me so much relief. If you watched my Q&A video you know that I would like to move and work in Korea permanently.

I got this maxi as a collaboration from Rosegal and decided to over-denim it like every blogger that respect her style should try -once or twice. Sadly, the product is sold out so I couldn't find it! I love the skirt. The only drawback for me was that it didn't fit on my waist but this is not the store's fault. My waist is too tiny. The skirt was XM and it still didn't fit right. Petite girl problems!

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