I have no idea in case you were wondering. JK. My style is pretty unpredictable, even to me. I hate being bored with my outfit and this is why I love playing with shapes and colors. This is also how I end up regretting some outfits I have posted in the past (and yes, even some in the more recent past). My brother is the ultimate judge. He will be the one to tell me to not let people see me "like that" when he is disapproving of an outfit. I will give him that he's was probably right at times but he is also pretty conservative and 'conservative' just isn't in my dictionary. Don't get me wrong. I love a good ol' minimal look and classics are like the Mona Lisa of the outfits BUT where is the fun if you don't play around with your outfits?

Ruffles are in style right now. There is no need to read every fashion magazine to know that. There are pictures of every big fashionista that is wearing a ruffle shirt. Since button downs paired with ruffles are pretty much always a good idea, I chose this shirt from Rosegal and paired it with these baggy denim pants. My instincts told me to wear it with black pants but I went for a more up-to-date style. 



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